By Luke Howells


2019 UKIE Country Kit

Well it’s here, usually one of the last country kits to be published, the UKIE country kit for Civil 3D has arrived. UKIE 2019

But how is it different to any other UKIE release? If, like me, you have been running last years version of Civil 2019 why should you change other than to adopt the new .dwt file.

The 2019 country kit adopts the new Irish Co-ordinate System ‘Irish Transverse Mercator’ (ITM) for the Republic of Ireland, which replaces the previous Ireland 1965 ING. This is still available although depreciated. The UK co-ordinate system is also depreciated, however until the online maps come in line with the new system we are advised to continue using ‘BritishNatGrid’.

With the introduction of Uniclass layers last year in the 2018 UKIE template there were a few issues with the naming structure. This year these have been rectified and the ‘_’ has been added between each of the code classifications. A direct link to the uniclass conventions can be found here.

This years version also includes some new Tool Palletes for assembly creation. The junction wizard assemblies have now been updated with a new collection of assembly components for the UKIE, the wizard is still to be tested! But these components are now available on a tool pallet for the use of manual junction creation.

Updates to the UKIE design Pallet include the introduction of ‘Detailed’ Sub-assemblies for Footways and Verges. Other small updates include changes to default settings such as setting the British Kerbs attaching by the front face, a small victory but a victory non the less.

I’m still exploring the updates and quirks of the new country kit, if you find any let me know.

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