By David Crowther

Following on from Cadline’s attendance at both the AGI GeoCom 2017 and the GeoData 2017 events it was clear that 2017 was the year of SMART DataSMART Processes and a SMARTER Future.


During each event, we discussed how Autodesk products such as InfraWorks and Map 3D, as well as Open Source Geospatialsoftware; including QGIS, GeoServer and PostGIS would enable increased interoperability and project sharing to promote Smarter Working practices. This is a message that we have promoted with all our clients in 2017, and one that will no doubt be a big part of how we help our current and future clients increase productivity, reduce project re-work and streamline their business processes.

With this in mind, here is a Blog providing an overview of how to implement Shared Project Working, by implementing GIS Interoperability:

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