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Access all your BIM, Survey, Compliance & Building Asset information in one place with DynamicAIM.

  • DynamicAIM Overview
  • DynamicAIM is a powerful digital platform that enables clients to access and leverage 3D and BIM data for efficient and effective asset management.
    By using 3D BIM modelling within DynamicAIM, clients can gain detailed and accurate representations of their assets and projects, including their structural elements, systems, and components. This allows them to identify potential safety hazards, plan for maintenance and repairs, and make informed decisions about asset management.
    With DynamicAIM, clients can visualise the layout and structure of their assets in detail, allowing them to identify potential problems and take proactive measures to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury to end users and employees. By using the 360 HD imagery, maintenance and repairs can be planned in advance, ensuring that the necessary resources are in place and funding is available to carry out the work when required.
    In short, DynamicAIM’s 3D and BIM capabilities enable clients to manage their assets proactively and mitigate potential safety hazards, leading to more efficient and effective property and facilities management, with improved safety.

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What our customers are saying

“We worked brilliantly together as a team and have actually produced a system/tool that will be immensely useful”

“I just wanted to formally thank you and your team for developing the Wolverhampton version of DynamicAIM.  I thought we worked brilliantly together as a team and have actually produced a system/tool that will be immensely useful not only in my every working day but to the wider Council.

I am already using the system to support my strategic master planning, particularly around health and wellbeing and depot redevelopments in conjunction with other public bodies, as well as contributing to the Council’s Place Based initiative.

The system’s ability to filter on a particular asset type, area and size has proved invaluable to then be exported into excel for further interrogation.  I will continue to explore further opportunities to develop and add to the system as well as ensuring the existing data is current and valid.”

– Julia Nock, Deputy Director Assets at Wolverhampton Council

“The Cadline Engineering Services
team exceed expectations.”

“As our ‘go to’ 3D survey & BIM supplier, the Cadline Engineering Services team exceed expectations. DynamicAIM helps us digitise our stock and centralise data whilst working towards conforming to the Hackitt report & new government guideline.”

– Asset Management – Peabody Trust

“Cadline is providing first class support to assist us with leading the charge to manage our assets more effectively.”

“Utilising a pioneering 3D digital approach, aligned with the Hammersmith and Fulham 4 year Compliance Works Programme, Cadline is providing first class support to assist us with leading the charge to manage our assets more effectively.

Several High Rise buildings are now available in 3D BIM & Laser Scanning Models to meet the asset, stock condition, compliance and safety legislative initiatives including the Hackitt Report.

Working together dynamically, both on-site and off-site, has fast-tracked the sharing of process, digital technology, 3D equipment, workforce, intelligence and forged a flexible highly beneficial collaborative partnership.”

– Head of Asset Management and Compliance – Hammersmith & Fulham Council

“Their knowledge and BIM support has been invaluable.”

“Cadline committed to and successfully executed every challenge we sent their way.

I started working with Cadline in July 2017 and during this time, they have successfully carried out numerous Laser Scan Surveys and have produced quality Point Cloud Data and accurate Revit Models for many of our most high profile projects. I have found them to be reliable, approachable and efficient, and their proactive approach, particularly in meeting deadlines and their knowledge and BIM support has been invaluable.

Cadline strike just the right balance between being flexible, easy to deal with and having all the key strengths, attributes and rigour necessary to support me and my team, especially when we are dealing with projects with such tight programmes.”

– BIM Manager – Oktra

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