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Helping Automate BOM Creation and Integrating to your ERP

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  • BOM to MS Navision – Integrated Design Workflow

    Automate the creation of Bill of Materials (BOM) from your models and automatically populate BOM data directly into your ERP or financial system.

    Digitise the process and link the data back to your engineering files so that engineering data, meta data and the BOM data are always consistent and up to date.

    Get your products to market faster, remove manual tasks and reduce data entry errors within your project cycle.

    Arrange a Free technical review of existing BOM process

Fusion 360 Manage


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  • Fusion 360 Manage QuickStart

    We have developed a Fusion 360 Manage QuickStart implementation to help you start digitising your engineering processes in just a few days.

    Add in additional service modules to your installation to expand access to other process stakeholders around your business. This is a great way to get started and expand your digital processes at your own pace.

    Arrange a Free technical review of product lifecycle processes
  • Fusion 360 Manage Software Adoption Services

    Let us work with your design team on live projects to help you get the best from your software investment and improve technology adoption within your business.

    We are committed to helping you maximise the use of your software and delivering product development cycle improvements with you.

    Arrange a Free technical review of product lifecycle processes


  • Understanding your Challenges and Objectives

    Getting Started with Automating BOM Creation and Integrating to your ERP

    There are several ways to get started and evaluate how you can digitise your processes:

    Arrange a Technical Evaluation session with one of our experts who will work with your team to understand your existing data environment and understand your existing product lifecycle processes.

    Alternatively, let us arrange a more interactive Discovery session with your process stakeholders to share challenges, ideas and agree a collective vision.

    Request your Free Technical Evaluation Request your Free Interactive Discovery session

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VisiConsult, a specialist provider of x-ray and computer tomography inspection solutions, builds customised cabinets to match each customer’s needs. After 25 years in business, it is a world-leader in x-ray inspection equipment, switching first from authoring software to designing and manufacturing machines. Now the company is on a digital transformation journey. New automated evaluation processes replace physical and analog inspections, resulting in more efficient and cost effective product validation.

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