By Nick Harris

Our Engineering Projects team is expanding, and we have just added a mobile scanning unit. If you weren’t aware of what the team does then take a look at our dedicated page here. They provide supporting services to organisations of all sizes and disciplines as they digitise their working practices. For example, if your business is about to deliver its first BIM project there are a number of things you may need help with. You may not yet have a library of digital components that are the essential building blocks of a BIM project model. The content creation team builds flexible, high performance libraries that get you started with the components that you use every day. Our digital content creation services aren’t just for design consultants, engineers and contractors, we also work with manufacturers and fabricators who are increasingly being asked for BIM ready versions of their product catalogues.

Our biggest growth area is in digital capture and modelling. You may be surprised how often we are asked to laser scan an existing asset or installation because the design and operational data is missing. If you are extending a building built before the widespread adoption of CAD, or want to recondition an ageing plant room, then you will need as a minimum a drawing and even a better a model to base your decisions around. Alongside photogrammetry, laser scanning is the quickest, easiest and most accurate way of capturing existing conditions. It is suitable for everything from a valve to a train station, you just need the right skills and experience to apply the most suitable scanning regime.


A laser scan of the latest addition to the Engineering Project team.

Once you have a scan then you have choices about how you include it in your workflow. Our Engineering Projects team can create a model of the asset, to the right level of detail, on which you can base your new design.  Laser scans are also becoming popular as a way of comparing the as-built condition to the final design data. On projects that are delivered using BIM, with the right know-how, problems can be spotted quickly when a laser scan is super-imposed on the digital model and the differences highlighted.

Give us a call today on 01924 442333 to see how our Engineering Projects team can support your projects.

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