Cadline is pleased to announce the full release of MapThat V3.0.0!


MapThat V3 is a complete re-design and refresh of the user interface. Building on all the fantastic Map, Import, Edit, Query and Printing tools that are already available within MapThat, this new version allows you to more easily integrate your web mapping both internally and on external devices in a more intuitive interface. Discover some of the benefits of our new release and learn how easily you can implement a web enabled GIS in your organisation.

Configurable Skins allow you to apply different fonts and styles for each of your internal and external MapThat Projects.

Reveal and Hide Panels now allow users to more easily access mapping tools, view the results and then hide panels to re-maximise the map real estate.


Public Facing sites are now more configurable, allowing Administrators to hide and show tools as required. Ensuring that you provide the correct level of GI capability and complexity to all audience levels.

MapThat V3 is fully interoperable with Web Mapping Standards, including Web Map Services (WMS), Web Map Tile Services (WMTS) and Web Feature Services (WFS), allowing you to render external geospatial datasets, as well as use your own web mapping capabilities (GeoServer) to render spatial data at optimum speed.


MapThat V3’s fast Rendering of PSMA datasets such as Ordnance Survey Mastermap, allows you to more easily connect to your OS datasets and increase your return on investment, allowing more users to access all mapping layers.

MapThat V3 now provides an even more intuitive design for use on mobile devices, enabling smarter working practices, onsite data collection and real-time analysis.


Try it for yourself on our TryMapThat website.



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