By Stuart Tanfield


With the arrival of Autodesk’s AEC Collection, most of our customers have now completed the switch across to the new subscription model. The AEC Collection offers customers the ability to use a wide ranging portfolio of products to expand their day to day workflows for project delivery. Autodesk has further enhanced this offering with the introduction of BIM 360 Docs to anyone purchasing an AEC Collection up until the 15th June 2018. BIM 360 Docs is offered as an extended 12 month trial to enable customers to evaluate the platform. For further information

Autodesk is working hard to provide the tools which will benefit users in their project delivery. A large piece of work which Autodesk has undertaken is the unification of its BIM 360 Platform. This has proved to be hugely popular. One of the changes made within this transition has been to move Collaboration for Revit (C4R) to BIM 360 Design. With new and enhanced features, BIM 360 Design brings a collaborative model into the BIM 360 Docs environment. This brings a significant change as this was previously hosted in the BIM 360 Team environment. For further details go to

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