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Why Engineers Design with Parametric 3D

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  • Why 3D CAD?

    Add another dimension to your development process

    Moving from drafting boards to CAD software transformed how products were designed and opened countless new possibilities for engineers. Parametric 3D CAD enables manufacturers to develop products faster whilst delivering additional downstream business benefits such as automating 2D drawings from design updates, generation of Bill of Materials directly from the model and improving both customer and supplier experiences when sharing design intent.

    Why Engineers Design with Parametric 3D - Download eBook Arrange a free review of your design and manufacturing processes

Parametric Design

Design Updates

  • Improve, change and update designs easily

    Every design must undergo change eventually–it’s inevitable

    But, due to the complex nature of engineering data, there’s no such thing as a small design change with 2D drawings. One revision could cascade into updating any number of views, parts and subassemblies, which often leads you down a black hole of broken links and manual updates that go beyond just CAD files.

    3D CAD takes the heavy lifting out of design changes while significantly reducing risk of error.

    Why Engineers Design with Parametric 3D - Download eBook Arrange a free review of your design and manufacturing processes

Associated Documentation

  • Create Associated Documentation

    Drawings, Renderings, FEA simulations, NC toolpaths and Bills of Material

    There’s much more to a product than its design. Drawings, renderings, FEA simulations, NC toolpaths and bills of material are only some examples of additional product-related files. In 2D-only environments, many of these are not delivered at all. If they are delivered, each one must be updated manually to reflect any changes to the design as it progresses.

    However, changes made to 3D models are instantly updated in downstream deliverables. Because your data is associative, you can automatically generate and maintain accurate documentation, including BOMs.

    Why Engineers Design with Parametric 3D - Download eBook Arrange a free review of your design and manufacturing processes

Design Intent

Design Validation

Automate Common Tasks


  • Understanding your Challenges and Objectives

    Getting Started with Parametric Design

    There are several ways to get started with parametric 3D CAD:

    Arrange a Technical Evaluation session with one of our experts who will work with your team to understand your existing processes and workflows.

    Alternatively, let us arrange a more interactive Discovery session with with your team and Project stakeholders, to share ideas and agree a collective vision.

    Request a Free Technical Evaluation of your existing processes

Customer Success

What Is Possible Today?

  • Radical Transport is a personal electric transport startup based in Dallas, Texas. This video features the MOOV, their patent pending, motorised transport platform, designed in Autodesk Inventor. The video chronicles their journey through design, prototyping, the technology behind the MOOV and their successful launching through KickStarter.
  • Autodesk supports Mabey Bridge on its digital engineering journey Mabey Bridge adopts Inventor, iLogic and Configurator 360 to help drive innovation and underpin business growth.


Amongst the software Lightning Motorcycle deployed was Autodesk’s much talked about generative design technology, now available as a feature within Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Netfabb.

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