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OpenSource GIS

Save money on expensive GIS software licences and make GIS freely available within your organisation by adopting OpenSource GIS.

Most organisations today, whether local government or civil infrastructure, are investigating the benefits of OpenSource GIS software. Not only is the software free to licence, but it is constantly being developed to match the functionality of conventional, expensive systems.

The only hurdle for companies adopting this path has been the lack of support options, but this is no longer a problem. Our team, utilising its broad GIS expertise (Autodesk, ESRI, Bentley, SmallWorld, MapInfo) can help you transition from your current proprietary environment, or integrate this technology to your existing systems.

  • Our GIS Solutions
  • QGIS Desktop GIS

    QGIS is an OpenSource desktop GIS providing a full range of GIS functionality and spatial analysis tools and is the preferred GIS utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite.

    With feature rich functionality and an intuitive user interface, QGIS is the ideal OpenSource desktop GIS solution.

    Features and Benefits:
    •   General mapping capabilities, including; zoom, pan, info and measure tools
    •   Access to spatial data in multiple formats, including Shapefiles, PostGIS and SQL database
    •   WMS, WFS and WCS compliant
    •   Geoprocessing Tools, including; Buffer, Intersect, Union, Clip
    •   Spatial Analysis Tools, including; Point-in-Polygon, Nearest Neighbour, Distance Matrix
    •   Geometry Tools, including; Check geometry, voronoi polygons, polyline to polygon
    •   Attribute and spatial filters
    •   Data editing and data creation tools
    •   Thematic Styling
    •   Labelling and Map Printing options

  • GeoServer

    GeoServer is an OpenSource server for sharing geospatial data from a variety of sources and is the preferred Web Mapping Service utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite.

    Features and Benefits:
    •   OpenSource and freely available
    •   Certified OGC Compliant for – WMS, WFS and WCS – serving data to any compliant client application
    e.g. ArcGIS, MapInfo Pro, QGIS
    •   Supports multiple GIS data sources, including native GIS files and spatial databases

  • PostGIS

    PostGIS is an OpenSource spatial database extension to PostgreSQL object-relational database. Its compatibility with DynamicMaps WebGIS, GeoServer, QGIS and proprietary GIS applications such as AutoCAD Map 3D make it the preferred spatial database utilised in the DynamicMaps Suite.

    Feature Benefits:
    •   OpenSource and freely available
    •   Raster processing engine
    •   Supports spatial re-projection
    •   Supports import and export of spatial data from and to various data sources
    •   Integrated spatial analysis functionality
    •   3D object support and spatial indexing
    •   Supports Network topology

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What our customers are saying

“Cadline has been instrumental in allowing us to offer a modern mapping solution to our staff and the public”

“Cadline has been instrumental in allowing us to offer a modern mapping solution to our staff and the public. Their knowledge of GIS and understanding of the business needs within the council have enabled us to ensure MapThat meets our requirements and enabled us to make our extensive GIS data available throughout the council in a simple and user-friendly way. We have found the staff to be helpful and always willing to assist us whenever we require assistance, it is because of this level of support and service that we look to Cadline when we require training in new GIS tools and processes.”

– Peter Low, Senior Applications Analyst GIS, Islington Council

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